Knowhere, as a Web3 Learn-to-Earn Metaverse with built-in Watch-Fi System, Task Reward System and Knowledge Community, is committed to enabling users to cross the technology barrier and bringing them a new Web3 journey experience, which is more refined and user-friendly.


Web3 is considered and expected to be the future of Web2. It’s being built with a key purpose: to take away the centralized power of the tech giants and regulators and redistribute the benefits back to all contributors.
Despite the Web3 industry is still in its infancy, tech enthusiasts, VC, governments and large tech companies are rolling in the Web3 hype. This has put Web3 in rapid development, with new terms emerging every day, such as DeFi, Game-Fi, Social-Fi, DAO, etc.
However, for users still stuck in the Web2 stage, how to start a Web3 journey is still a challenge to be faced.


  • To be the bridge for Web2 users to Web3
To support and fulfilling the promise of constructing a complete Web3 experience mentioned above, Knowhere has built the following ecosystem.

KNOWHERE Ecosystem

Developing a Video App of Watch-Fi and the website including NFT marketplace and DID service, which are two main components of KNOWHERE Ecosystem, will be the first step. As users grow, the construction of knowledge communities around creators/ influencers will also be initiated.
There are 3 main roles in our ecosystem:
Common users: content consumers; Creators/ influencers: content creators; Web3 projects: ecological economic contributors bringing new external cash flow;
  • Avatar NFTs
Avatar System plays a key role in our ecosystem, which is player's next-gen avatar in Knowhere Metaverse. Every Knowbody is be unique, quality-focused, high-end.
  • .KID Service
KID is a distributed, open source, cross-chain and extensible naming service based on the Ethereum, which will create a new way to represent yourself uniquely, rather than unmemorable wallet addresses.
  • Off-chain Task Reward System
After completing the tasks, the rewards will be approved to users. Compared with traditional learning methods, the reward system will bring users a more enjoyable learning experience and a stronger interest in learning, effectively increasing learning initiative and motivation.
  • On-chain Watch-Fi System
Online educational short video is an effective way to guide users to learn Web3. Knowhere adopts a User Incentive Program and rewards users basic on their “True” Watching Time.
  • Knowledge Community
A vibrant, open and liberal community is a critical path to Web3, so Knowhere will build a UGC (User-generated content) community based on educational content, including video, news, question-and-answer, related celebrities and whales of Web3 in the early stages.
KNC: Knowhere Governance Coin (ERC-20).
GBK: Golden Brick, Knowhere Game Coin (can be converted into tokens).
CBK: Common Brick, Knowhere Game Coin (in-game points).
Avatar (Knowbody): NFT avatars on the platform.
Note: Knowhere is in Public Beta, so any description in the white paper is likely to be updated as Knowhere evolves.
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